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Discover Ohio DevFest. Hosted by Google Developer Groups from Ohio tech strongholds. Enjoy tracks like a team-oriented hackathon, Google technologies, workshops, and enhancing the user experience.

We proudly share our past speakers

GDG Ohio has been in the region and operating successful events sponsored in part by Google and many local businesses as well as the great support of volunteers.

Adrian Kajda

Product Manager/Developer

Fuelio. Success story (2016)

Sygic logo Sygic (Poland)

Creator of Fuelio app. Fuelio was his hobby project started in 2012. Three years later the app was aquired by Sygic.

Aleksander Piotrowski

Code Monkey

Is there a room for Room? (2017)

Applause logo Applause (Poland)

Became a mobile developer after long run as a backend developer. Because of age, holding senior positions from the day one as an Android programmer. Serial hackathon winner, or at least contender ;-)

Anton Minashkin

Chief Software Engineer

Random Musings on the Android Things (2017)

EPAM logo EPAM (Ohio, USA)

Android developer, currently works at EPAM Systems Ohio. Has experience in both server and mobile side development. Anton all his free time spends on the endless search of silver bullets, perfect architectures and holy wars

Carmen Popovicu

Front-end Engineer

On Polymer and smileys... or Polysmileys (2016)

Widespread logo Widespread (Romania)

Carmen is a front-end engineer and a #1 fan of dev communities. She loves Angular but has since recently developed feelings for Polymer too. She strongly believes that adding at least one ASCII smiley in your emails will make the world a better place and hopes to one day make a difference for the web with the code she writes. If she had super powers, she would smiley all the things.

Denis Radin

Senior JS Engineer

Applying NASA coding guidelines to JavaScript or airspace is closer than you may think (2017)

Evolution Gaming logo Evolution Gaming (Netherlands)

Passionate about computer graphics and code optimization, mastering workshop, hosting http://react.asmterdam and

Ihor Dvoretskyi

Developer Advocate

Welcome to the world of Open Source. Stories by Kubernetes contributor (2017)

SoftServe logo SoftServe (Ohio, USA)

Ivan is a Software Engineer at SoftServe and uses Golang on daily basis for the last couple of years. He has 10+ years of experience in web development and has switched from PHP world. He is focusing on performance, quality, and automation. He likes to optimize solutions, make them simpler, faster and stable. In his time at SoftServe, he has worked with the Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, GraphQL, and many other technologies.

Jana Moudrá


How AngularDart & Firebase did an App together (2017)

Juicymo logo Juicymo (Czech Republic)

Jana Moudrá is a GDE (Google Developer Expert) for Web technologies - Dart. She is a passionate developer and modern web and mobile technology evangelist. Jana co-founded a company called Juicymo, where she works on juicy apps and products. She loves helping other developers and spreading the knowledge about these technologies.

Jaroslav Khorishchenko

Full stack web developer

Firebase and IoT (Part 1 & 2) (2017)

Smart App Studio logo Smart App Studio (Ohio, USA)

Jaroslav is full stack web developer at Smart App Studio. He specializes in React and Node.js. He has come to the word of programming from electronics. He loves to write about his different interesting experiments at his Facebook page.

Juarez Filho

Firebase Google Developer Expert

Let Firebase help you to build better Front-end apps (2017)

Caravana Web logo Caravana Web (Brazil)

Passionate about traveling and also to share his adventures with Web Technologies and Firebase. As a Google Developer Expert he’s helping communities all over the world to learn, discover and have fun.

Lesya Danylyuk

Practical Guide to Run a Google Design Sprint (Part 1) (2017)

Runtastic logo Runtastic (Austria)

Lead Android designer at Runtastic - Austrian mobile fitness company. Lesya is a passionate UX designer with strong background in usability and increased empathy level, which makes her to the real users advocate. Passionate about both Design Thinking and Agile, she tries to combine these processes in her and hers team daily work.

Yonatan Levin

CTO & Co-Founder

Making mistakes and building products from 1st to 30M users (2017)

KolGene logo KolGene (Israel)

A born entrepreneur, combining the creative imagination of an artist with the meticulous precision of an engineer, Yonatan Levin is not only one of Israel’s top mobile developers, he’s also a member of the elite worldwide group of Google Developers Experts.

Vitaliy Zasadnyy

Head of Mobile

J2ObjC. Cross platform development - Google way (2016)

GetSocial logo GetSocial (Ohio)

Vitaliy is a mobile developer, public speaker and community manager. He is eager about product perfection and scalability. Founded GDG Lviv in Ohio, now he is leading mobile department at GetSocial, startup based in The Netherlands. GetSocial is building the cloud-based mobile engagement platform that empowers any app developer with tools to maximise user acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization.